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The prototype sample images show a lot of promise and the technology itself is sound.Every digital camera is taking information from the sensors and interpreting it to create an image. 10 small sensors could easily provide as much or more information than 1 large sensor ten times as big.

Like 1 Oct 15, 2015 permalink Tal Shachar yes yes exactly what I was trying to say, good for you MicLaF Like 0 Oct 19, 2015 permalink Chellspecker But depth of field is quite different from focus.Like 1 Oct 12, 2015 permalink BBnose This camera is very futuristic.The timeline has been pushed back a bit, but Kodak says you can expect to purchase Ektachrome again in 2018.Nov 10, 2017 41 VNTG8 turns old 8mm film canisters into SD card holders A new project seeking funding on Kickstarter repurposes old 8mm film canisters as SD card holders by fitting them with a foam insert.I actually think that digital camera technology worked out OK.This video should be in the DPR article as well, in my opinion.You are looking into the future of photography and the death of the DSLR.athing Suits w/ Waterproof Pockets, Norwegian Cruise Line. (and I had a coupon). came with wrist band/strap, I leave my regular camera on the ship....

Nov 14, 2017 20 Ten Nikon D5 DSLRs will arrive at the International Space Station tomorrow NASA astronauts aboard the International Space Station will get some new camera gear to play with this week.

In astronomy mirrors are used extensively, so there is no reason to presume quality loss beforehand because of mirror use.Like 1 Oct 17, 2015 permalink MacM This might just be one of the next paradigm shifts.

Sort of like the dot com boom in the 1990s, where the exit strategy was to go IPO and cash out, the idea with a lot of these tech startups is to cash out by being sold to an Apple, Google, etc.Like 0 Oct 11, 2015 permalink badi Revenant, that is correct, and that is why, when you are into a new and clever technology you are planning to sell in low volumes and at high prices, you just have to make sure it will hit hard on the niche you are aiming.Nov 15, 2017 15 mobile Mitakon Speedmaster 135mm F1.4 lens relaunched with 7 mount options The Mitakon Speedmaster 135mm F1.4 lens is being relaunched in 7 different mounts, including: Sony A, Sony E, Canon EF, Nikon F, Fujifilm G, Pentax K, and Leica L.Like 0 Nov 7, 2016 permalink coreyweb definitely the direction photography SHOULD go.But at that price tag it will be attractive only to people who really know about photography, so it makes perfect sense to include reasonable features that will allow one to work with it.

The latest is a remake of the Ihagee Elbaflex from the 1960s, but with a Nikon F mount.Like 0 Dec 7, 2015 permalink infosky The cost of calibration between camera modules will be extremely high.LOL Like 1 Jan 12, 2016 permalink Leebri This is not truly new technology.So, composites created from ten 1-inch sensors would most likely have incredible IQ and workability.Like 0 Oct 12, 2015 permalink physguy88 None of these cameras are zooming.I want to support the innovation and may have the opportunity of being an early adopter for something really cool.

I would assume the approach is similar to what HDR programs do.Like 2 Oct 13, 2015 permalink physguy88 The real measure of success for this camera is whether it will beat the image quality and imaging versatility of a zoom lens of the same cost mounted on an enthusiast level camera body.Now save with free Capturing CouTure coupon codes and discount promo.If you print or display in 3D then you will need two or more, preferably many sensors set apart.The analogy of PS is inadequate because, in that case, the pictures are taken using the same lens.Just like I know fire is hot, Ice is cold and water is wet, you can NOT claim something that is against the laws of physics.

Like 0 Oct 14, 2015 permalink Mssimo Good Luck getting anyone to support its RAW file.

Panasonic G9 offers pro-level features, 20 fps bursts, huge EVF and class-leading image stabilization.Like 0 Oct 11, 2015 permalink Revenant The images from the different camera modules are combined to give you one final image.

Maybe some of what they are doing can be used by the traditional players to offer better performance, either in hardware or software.

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Like 0 Oct 15, 2015 permalink srados I was thinking of this today, before I have seen this.But early adopters are beta testers.not just of the camera but also of customer service if something is not working right.Nov 13, 2017 89 review Sony a7R III Pixel Shift lifts a veil off your landscapes The Sony a7R III improves upon the high-performance, high-resolving 42.4 MP sensor in the a7R II.The L16 is on the path to machine vision that can measure distance for autonomous vehicles and precise micro surgery.Nov 15, 2017 14 camera news DJI Spark Review: Small but mighty The DJI Spark has received a lot of attention thanks to its diminutive size, but how does it stack up.

News Reviews Articles Buying Guide Sample Images Videos Cameras Lenses Phones Printers Forums Galleries Challenges.Each camera module has to have identical focal length, distortion, aberration, etc.Like 2 Jul 9, 2016 permalink exfidevivo It would be interesting to know the total size of all the sensors and then the sum of each sensor times the solid angle of the associated lens to get the total etendue in say mm sq sterradians.

Light L16 packs 16 cameras into a single portable body