Kaleido coupons maplestory

Unique Potential Scroll 50%: Only movable within the account.The player is given their first spinner coupon after the first quest to try the event out.The Phantom Forest is a sprawling maze and the Valley of Heroes jump quest makes its return.If you do not defeat all the enemies within the time limit your ship will continue and move on to the next wave but you will lose 1 trade good.If all players in a group complete their row of notes, a special attack will be launched at the monster.

Once you reach Crimsonwood Keep, challenge the new and improved Twisted Masters.I remember it woudl take them 3 months to reply to a ticket and then it would be a automatic message.The group wins by defeating the monster before the music stops or before they have taken too many hits.MapleStory will be going through a content update starting on Tuesday, February 11, 2013.

Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left of the game window.The vessel used for the Merchant Union Trade will be a special ship supplied for the voyage.Candy Points used to purchase items in the Gift Shop do not affect the amount of collected points for the event Candy Score Achievement.If the player gets all 6 cards in a line to match, they win the best reward.Wow shit, the Nexon support team has been really stepping up their game.

Once the player collects a full line of cards, they can collect one of 4 random buffs that lasts for 30 minutes.Vendors Gale and Spark are in the Event Hall to exchange their wares for RED Coins.The msupdate Blog by msupdate is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.The amount of trade goods will match the number of total waves.Players can trade in lower level coupons for higher level coupons.As of lately the site has seen an increased activity in Google ad bots creating a horde of user accounts and creating spam.Masteria has returned to its former glory, but not everything is as you remembered.

Level 140 Armor Box: Untradeable, 3 day duration, low chance to receive.Collect 100 Young Suns from monsters in level range then turn the quest in from the star event notifier.Either hunt 300 monsters within level range or collect 30 Fancy Stones.Go wild in the Kraikian Jungle, or get lost in the Phantom Forest.After accepting the invitation, players will be sent to a waiting room.At 6pm (Pacific) on each Monday a special drawing will be held.RED Armor Enhancement Scroll 50%: Untradeable, 7 day duration.Once you reach 1000 points, talk to Cassandra again, and she will give you one of a number of rewards such as.

On March 1, we will be having a special deal on 4 hour 2x EXP Special Coupons.Fafnir Weapon Box: Untradeable, 1 day duration, low chance to receive.Registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The collected cards are reset each Monday and the player has to collect new sets of cards.These monsters will have a chance to drop Special Beauty Coupons aside from MapleStory Mesos.Artisan Kaleido-Spinner Box: Contains consumable item types, 100% scrolls, or a possible chair.Turn in the Green Mardi Gras Feathers to Gaga to receive a Green Mardi Gras Mask.This new trade voyage will allow you and 2 fellow sea farers to tackle much more challenging trade routes.From here, players can learn the rules of the game, exit the map if they choose not to participate, or enter the game after the timer reaches 0.

After collecting 30 Chocolate Pieces, report to Cassandra and choose between a Recycled Chocolate Scroll Box.Marksman Bryan 2,857 views. 2:56. Special Beauty Coupons Maplestory - Duration: 10:37.Each quest can be accepted again 1 hour after its completion.Collect Mardi Gras Bead Necklaces and Mardi Gras Feathers, then trade them in with NPC Gaga.

New Leaf City has finally recovered from the alien invasion, making Bigger Ben once more accessible.There are 3 different voyages you could embark on for Merchant Union Trade.The rewards obtainable from the different Raven Ninja Clan members have also been updated.Well you are in luck, because the Merchant Union Trade is now open for business.Quest first appears after the player collects their first 5,000 Candy Points.Gold Label Knight Set: Trade Disabled When Equipped, Permanent.Hunt monsters in your level range to collect basic Kaleido-Spinner Coupons.

Either click on the event notifier on the left side of the screen or talk to NPC Lucky Lucky Monstory in the event hall.Gold Label Equipment Full Set Gift Box: Untradeable, 1 day duration, low chance to receive.

Epic Potential Scroll 80%: Moveable within the account, Permanent.Note however, that not all monsters will drop this event item.She will be able to upgrade your Raven Ninja gear and also craft you the following equipment.The 4 coupon types are Kaleido-Spinner Coupon, Fancy Kaleido-Spinner Coupon, Artisan Kaleido-Spinner Coupon, and Supreme Kaleido-Spinner Coupon.